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Nursing is exciting and challenging career that an individual can pursue. As a licensed nurse, you will provide physical and emotional care to people who need help. You will assist with medical and minor surgical procedures. Other duties include assessing, recording, and reporting vital signs, and responding to medical emergencies. Whichever goal you pursue, ZMCI guarantees you will be prepared for success. The 40-hour course is designed to give students a fresh learning perspective on the topics reviewed during their nursing programs, with methods that make learning easy and enjoyable. This course also helps students who have been out of school for an extended period of time and students who have taken exam without success several times.

More than just content review, ZMCI focuses on the critical thinking skills required on the exam and questions approach technique. Interact with our professionals who deliver comprehensive instructions.

Explains what to expect when taking the NCLEX®
Helps you learn to answer the NCLEX® way
Increases your critical thinking skills
Provides review material to prepare for the NCLEX®
NCLEX style Questions with rationals in every class discussion

The NCLEX® exam is an adaptive test, meaning that the next question served is chosen based on your response to the previous question.  NCLEX® preparation test question banks are do not exist (available from any source) that are identical to the NCLEX® exam.

Course Fee: $400 


Review course

By Zero Max Career Institute


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"I had so much fun during the entire course with an amazing instructor. She ensures that everyone is on the same page and really takes her time explaining the different aspects of the subject  I took my test at USC a few days later & scored a 100%. I highly recommend this school to anyone. They also offer a sit-in refresher review at no extra charge."

- Quincy ​


"​I did an Adult & Pediatric CPR/AED and First Aid certification with some of my fellow Girl Scout leaders. The instructor was great and really impressed on me how important it is for everyone to know this information - not just medical professionals! The models she uses in her class are very high tech and a great hands-on way to learn. It was also super convenient for our group that she had her own classroom space right in Hollywood and was super flexible about scheduling our session. Pricing is super reasonable as well."

- Joey 

"A great Career Institute. I took the class and passed the National test with 88% approval. My excellent instructor made the class easy, professional and explained the information very well.  It was a very well structured, organized and comprehensive program. I applied for a job at Kaiser and they are considering me for a Monitor tech position a week after taking the classes. I strongly recommend this school not only because of the comprehensive and easy to take classes but, also because is not expensive at all." 

- Jose Luis