This course is for healthcare professionals who participate in the management of cardiopulmonary arrest or other cardiovascular emergencies.

ECG recognition skills and drug treatment knowledge have been identified as key gaps in knowledge for healthcare providers. ECG & Pharmacology is a classroom-based course that the AHA has developed to bridge these gaps. The course is designed as a pre-course option for ACLS students who were identified through the ACLS Precourse Self-Assessment as needing to improve ECG recognition skills and/or drug treatment knowledge, or for ACLS students who in general need to refresh their skills and knowledge. This course is also intended for any healthcare provider needing to learn ECG recognition skills and/or pharmacology.

What is the course format?
The adult ECG & Pharmacology Course is presented in a modular format and includes one module for ECG and one for Pharmacology. These modules can be taught together or separately. The learning model for this course uses an Instructor CD and Student Workbook. This course does not provide certification, but instead, is designed solely to enhance students’ ECG recognition and drug treatment knowledge. One day course.

Who is the target audience for the ECG & Pharmacology Course?
The course is intended for anyone who needs basic knowledge in ECG recognition or who needs to understand the drugs used in a periarrest or cardiac arrest.

Why was ECG & Pharmacology created?
ECG recognition skills and drug treatment knowledge have been identified as key gaps in knowledge for ACLS students. AHA recognized that without strong competency in either ECG recognition or drug treatment knowledge related to the ACLS algorithms, achievement of ACLS certification for the healthcare provider is more difficult. As a result, this course was created to address those knowledge gaps and serve as a precourse option for ACLS students who have been identified through the ACLS Precourse Self-assessment as needing to improve ECG recognition skills and drug treatment, or for ACLS students who in general need to refresh their skills and knowledge. It was also created for anyone wanting to gain knowledge in ECG recognition and pharmacology.

Objectives for the ECG module:

  • Explain heart anatomy and basic electrophysiology
  • Explain normal ECG measurements
  • Recognize and understand basic arrhythmias

Objectives for the Pharmacology module:

  • Study basic ACLS drugs and usage
  • Understand drugs, doses and routes of administration during cardiovascular emergencies
  • Learn to integrate basic drug pharmacology into ACLS algorithms

What are the course completion requirements?
Students must participate in each module taught to be able to receive a completion certificate. 

Do students receive a certificate or card?
Students receive a completion certificate after completing the ECG module, Pharmacology Module or both combined

Course Fee: $175

"I had so much fun during the entire course with an amazing instructor. She ensures that everyone is on the same page and really takes her time explaining the different aspects of the subject  I took my test at USC a few days later & scored a 100%. I highly recommend this school to anyone. They also offer a sit-in refresher review at no extra charge." 

- Quincy 

"I did an Adult & Pediatric CPR/AED and First Aid certification with some of my fellow Girl Scout leaders. The instructor was great and really impressed on me how important it is for everyone to know this information - not just medical professionals! The models she uses in her class are very high tech and a great hands-on way to learn. It was also super convenient for our group that she had her own classroom space right in Hollywood and was super flexible about scheduling our session. Pricing is super reasonable as well."
 - Joey 


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ECG & Pharmacology course

By the American Heart Association at Zero Max Career Institute

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A great Career Institute. I took the class and passed the National test with 88% approval. My excellent instructor made the class easy, professional and explained the information very well.  It was a very well structured, organized and comprehensive program. I applied for a job at Kaiser and they are considering me for a Monitor tech position a week after taking the classes. I strongly recommend this school not only because of the comprehensive and easy to take classes but, also because is not expensive at all. 

- Jose Luis